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Reflections for February 23, 2014

Matthew 5:38–48

Jesus shares his ideas about perfect love in this focus scripture – love at all times, in all circumstances. Love when we don’t feel like it, love when we face an enemy, love when we are being persecuted and oppressed, love when we’re tired of being asked. Jesus knows this kind of love because he lived this kind of love. And we are called to do the same. Jesus doesn’t say this will be easy and it definitely wasn’t easy for him, but with God’s help and assurance, we can live lives of more perfect love. Something to think about, talk about, or do: Think about a relationship you have that is not as good as you would like. Without attempting to assign blame, genuinely pray to God for the good of the other person and pray for healing of the situation which has damaged the relationship. Seasons of the Spirit, Wood Lake Publishing

Reflections for February 16, 2014

Matthew 5:21–37

God wants us to be reconciled to one another and to have integrity in our relationships. In today’s focus scripture, Jesus shows us how we can live closer to God’s ways and truly love one another. He gives us the examples of coming to terms with our anger with another, being principled in our relationships, and being true to our oaths and promises to one another. These matters of the heart – and matters of the spirit – turn us inward to seek the meaning of not only who, but whose we are.

Something to think about, talk about, or do:  This week reach out to a friend or family member with whom you’ve had a disagreement or with whom you’re angry right now. Reconcile and let love guide your conversations.

Seasons of the Spirit, Wood Lake Publishing

Reflections for February 2, 2014

Matthew 5:1–12

The Beatitudes – the blessed and the not so blessed. In these verses Jesus asks  us to re-think, to re-imagine, what the world has taught us about the rich and the poor, the haves and the have-nots, the powerful and the powerless. No small feat given the way we see the wealthy and the powerful portrayed in today’s society where we measure being “blessed” by what we accumulate and acquire. And
it’s up to us to be sure that Jesus’ teachings are realized in the here and now. It’s our job to be the liberators for those oppressed by society’s notions of “blessed.”

This week look closely at the way the media and pop culture portray the “blessed” in today’s world. For every news item you read about society’s blessed find a story about Jesus’ blessed.

Seasons of the Spirit, Wood Lake Publishing