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The Thoughtful Christian Adult Sunday Studies – 10/23

The New Testament Studies Class is disbanding and we want to thank Pam Postle for her leadership in this class this fall. We hope you will attend our one adult Sunday Studies class which will now meet in the Lange Room.

Greed – another of the seven deadly sins, is considered among the worst of sins because it is so easily cloaked in virtue. That greed is so obvious and obviously wrong does not mean that we have it under control. For example, many Christians claim that their wealth is a blessing from God, and do not attribute its accumulation to greed. Americans consume resources at a much higher rate than others on the planet. If everyone consumed at that rate, the world could not sustain its population. Yet this pattern of consumption is rarely considered a symptom of greed. Although churches talk about greed in a general way, it rarely calls for one to personally examine finances and purchases. We will discuss the definition of greed, what the Bible says about greed, how our country got into such a financial mess, and what the recent “Occupy Wall Street” movement says about our culture. This discussion will be led by Marvin Pritts and will meet in the Lange Room.

Thoughtful Christian Adult Sunday Studies for October 16

Sloth is another of the “deadly sins.” Is sloth defined simply as being lazy? If so, how does being lazy lead to mortal sin? Those who study the scripture believe that sloth is more than just feeling lazy – it is chronic spiritual indifference and not caring for others. Sloth keeps us from enjoying life and being roused to creative activity for the good of one’s self and others. It is considered by some to be the “worst” of sins because so many other sins flow from it. What are the causes of sloth? How does society perpetuate sloth? How do churches perpetuate sloth? How can we move from sloth/spiritual sluggishness to caring? Please join us for a discussion of this issue that permeates our society and many churches today. This class meets on the stage and is facilitated by Marvin Pritts.
• Romans (2 sessions) by Sue Garrett. We will reflect on Oct. 16 & 23 on what Paul was trying to accomplish in this letter, and how it might speak to the church today. This class meets in the Lange Room and is facilitated by Pam Postle.

Adult Sunday Studies – September 25

Discerning What God Is Doing: A Study of Acts

How Spirituality Develops through Our Lifetime Continue reading