Mission Opportunities


During the last four years, we have intentionally been giving to missions in areas that help families to have a better life—both local and global.

The Youth Initiative has been the focus of our team, as we try to build hope and support a basic education.  We became aware of the need for school supplies, emergency clothing and personal supplies for needy students for the second semester and have helped to supply them through the Trumansburg school nurses since 2014 and the South Seneca elementary school nurse discretionary fund since 2016.  Now we are giving money directly to the nurses’ discretionary funds, so that they can purchase special items as needed, such as glasses.  Some of these needs are in the fall semester so we are now supporting them at this time.  Money was raised through the Doug’s Fish Fry dinners to help support this and to market information about the needs.  Additional money came from bottle/can refunds and bake sales at the fish dinners also.

There is also a need for temporary financial assistance for families going through a rough time to keep their kids in the After School Program at the Trumansburg school.  This makes it possible for the parents to continue working.  We have supported this since 2014.

Water—to make it available, safe and clean.  Through the Presbyterian Church (USA) for a few years we have contributed money from the budget and individual donations to help build community wells ($1500 per well).    A community water well frees up children so that they can go to school and not spend hours carrying water.  Safe water for drinking improves the health of children.

Trumansburg Food Pantry: We continued to support the pantry financially and helped staff the pantry for biweekly distributions in March and April.  Some of our members work with the program all year.

Mental illness is very prevalent in our society and greatly affects families.  We are trying to help people to be informed with literature from National Alliance on Mental Illness.  (NAMI-FL).

CROP Walk:  We participated with the Trumansburg Area Churches in the 29th Annual CROP Walk with 138 walkers (25 from FPCU) who raised $8,320.00 total ($2,107 from FPCU).  25% of the total goes to the Trumansburg Food Pantry.  The remainder goes to food and water projects and needs beyond our community.

Caring and Benevolence continues its ministry of care to the congregation, as well as to the community, through checking in on the homebound and being aware of their needs.  There has been success using the “Journeying Through Grief” booklets as a resource to those who have had deaths in their immediate families.

Thank you to all of you who have generously supported some of these needs and groups.

Budgetary Distributions 2017

  • Trumansburg Food Pantry (in addition to Presbytery grant)            $1000.
  • Presbyterian Disaster Assistance (PDA) hurricane relief  Puerto Rico, St. Thomas and St. John                                                                                                    $400
  • My Brothers’ Workshop, St. Thomas Island –hurricane relief, Brandon DeCloux volunteered here                                                                                            $100
  • Presbyterian Church USA community well (4 shares @$50)                 $200
  • Living Waters for the World-make water clean and safe                       $200
  • Trumansburg After School program help, so parents can work           $400
  • “Journeying Through Grief” booklets, 10 sets of 4                                    $100.45
  • National Alliance on Mental Illness-Finger Lakes (NAMI-FL)                 $100

Special collections, appeals, donations and fundraisers

  • Presbyterian Disaster Assistance—individual donations, hurricane help $200
  • Presbyterian USA One Great Hour of Sharing/Easter –congregation          $515
  • Presbyterian USA Christmas Joy Offering/Christmas                                       $525
  • Presbyterian USA Pentecost offering ($68.40 of this for local youth)            $171
  • CWS School Kits 11 kits furnished at a value of $15 per kit                             $165     And cash for 9 more kits and shipping cost of 20 kits in 2018                       $180
  • CWS CROP Walk, 29th year–25 FPCU walkers raised                                      $2107
  • (138 total walkers from all churches and clubs raised $8,320 total)
  • T’burg school 3 nurses’ discretionary funds for students in need                $1275
  • ($600) 2016/2017 school year and ($675) 2017/2018 school year (Doug’s fish fry $)
  • South Seneca elementary school nurse’s discretionary fund (fish fry $)       425
  • ($200) 2016/2017 school year and ($225) 2017/2018 school year
  • Some of the Mission money requested by Presbytery, Synod & General Assembly                                                                                                                                             $7,704
  • Presbytery 2017 Grant:  granted $1000 for Trumansburg Food Pantry                                                                                                                                                                  $1000