Session Leadership of Ministry Teams

Elders on Current Session in 2018 

Class of 2019

  • Larry Beckwith
  • Karla Ferguson
  • Barbara Melvin

Class of 2020

  • Marion Maciel
  • Elspeth Peterson
  • Pam  Postle

Class of 2021

  • Peter DeCloux
  • Gregg Hoffmire
  • Carol MacLeod
  • Amanda Riley

Kris Alling (Clerk)

Pastor Cheryl Peeples (Moderator)

2018 Ministry Team Leadership

Program (includes Christian Discipleship and Music and Worship)

  • Christian Discipleship – Karla Ferguson (Chair)
  • Music and Worship – Marion Maciel (Chair), Barbara melvin      

Support (includes Buildings and Grounds, Finance, Personnel, Stewardship)

  • Buildings and Properties – Gregg Hoffmire (Chair), Larry Beckwith 
  • Finance – Peter DeCloux (Chair), Gregg Hoffmire
  • Personnel – Larry Beckwith (Chair)
  • Stewardship – Pam Postle, Carol MacLeod, and Elspeth Peterson (Co-Chairs)                  

Outreach (includes Caring and Benevolence, Congregational Life and Membership; Membership bridges between Caring and Benevolence and Congregational Life) 

  • Congregational Life – Pam Postle (Chair)  
  • Caring and Benevolence – Elspeth Peterson (Chair), Carol MacLeod


Kris Alling (Clerk of Session)

Pastor Cheryl Peeples (Moderator)