Memorials & Special Gifts

We offer members and friends the opportunity to contribute to the special needs and programs of the church through gifts and bequests. Gifts may be made either to the Endowment Fund of the church or for specific needs and purposes. Several are listed here, and others can be accepted by special arrangement with Memorial Secretary Carolyn Lange or the Endowment Steward Barbara Melvin. The Session of the church approves all gifts for new specific purposes.

Estate planning, including charitable gift annuity and other giving arrangements, is also available. The Presbyterian Church (USA) Foundation provides investment management and tax reporting services for trusts and annuities with asset values below the minimum balances generally required by local trust departments. This encourages tax-advantaged gifts of all sizes. The least complicated way to benefit a church is through a bequest in the will written by the donor. Please confer with your financial advisor before deciding, as there are many gift structures and different advantages to be realized by donors.

Memorial Gifts
Memorial gifts are welcome in any amount in memory of any person. The most popular choice is an unrestricted gift to benefit the church. Gifts are also named for a designated purpose in program areas such as

  • Music Ministry
  • Benevolence and Mission
  • Buildings and Grounds
  • Church School and Camperships

Or, they may be made for a new and specific purpose which must be approved by the Session before acceptance of the gift. Examples might be:

  • Garden improvement
  • Chapel acoustics improvement
  • Kitchen equipment
  • Bibles and hymnals
  • Church school rooms
  • Tables and chairs
  • Computer and office equipment

Gifts are also received to honor a living person. After a six-month period for decisions, undesignated gifts are added to the permanent endowment of the church. Unless the donor requests to be anonymous, donors’ names will be given to the family of the deceased or to the person being honored.

General Endowment
The general endowment is invested according to our written policy to provide regular income for the church. Its principal may not be spent; however, its income produces a welcome supplement for unusual needs.

Sustaining Partners
During our Bicentennial celebration, we created a new category of major gifts called Sustaining Partnerships. These gifts of $5,000 produce income to be available each year for church operation and for maintenance of our historic buildings. These are truly “perpetual pledges” from their forward-looking donors. We have ten partners, including one estate, and new partners are welcome.

The Pastor’s Emergency Fund
At time the church provides, at the discretion of the pastor, emergency funds to persons or families in need. Gifts to this benevolent cause are welcome.

All donors will be thanked, and gifts will be receipted for income tax purposes according to current tax law.

Dyke-Brown-Lange Memorial
Since 1972, church folk have volunteered to set up the large tent owned by the church for its activities and for social functions in and outside our community. The proceeds have built a fund named for deceased members George Dyke, Gordon Brown, and pastor Tom Lange, three dedicated original members of the tent crew. Annual scholarships from this fund are awarded to outstanding high school graduates who demonstrate good citizenship and community service.

Special Gifts
Special gifts already approved by the Session include:

  • Piano and organ improvement
  • Tent scholarship fund
  • Presbyterian appeals such as One Great Hour of Sharing, Christmas Joy, Peacemaking
  • Kitchen Cupboard for the hungry

Other gift ideas not mentioned here will be considered promptly by our governing Session. To make a gift to FPCU, please send it along with your preferred designation to:

First Presbyterian Church of Ulysses
P.O. Box 597
Trumansburg, NY 14886