Memorial Scholarship

George Dyke, Gordon Brown, and Reverend Tom Lange Memorial Scholarship

The Dyke, Brown, and Lange Memorial Scholarship is awarded to a college-bound senior (university, college, business, or vocational school) who has been actively involved in their school and community, displayed excellent citizenship and sensitivity to the needs, concerns, and feelings of others, and who has a positive outlook on life and the future!

Good citizenship may include making your school and community a better place, volunteering and cooperating with others, getting involved in community affairs and staying informed, being a good neighbor, treating others with respect, being tolerant and accepting of differences, and taking initiative to help without being asked or expecting anything in return.

George Dyke, Gordon Brown, and Reverend Tom Lange were leaders in the First Presbyterian Church of Ulysses in Trumansburg, and very active in and around the community setting good examples of kindness and compassion, often contributing quietly “behind-the-scenes” in many ways. For decades, they, along with many others known as the “Tent Crew,” volunteered their time and effort to set up a large tent for celebrations, graduations, weddings, and community functions to raise funds for this scholarship.

Applicants are encouraged to submit:

  1. A Written Essay with a description of your service activities and involvement in each, including how and why you became involved, your responsibilities, what you did to contribute, and what you learned from the activity that you can apply in the future.
  2. Two Letters of Recommendation which address your involvement and participation in school, community, and/or church activities. The letters should be from individuals who know you and the contributions that you have made.

Applications for the scholarship may be obtained from the Trumansburg High School Guidance Office, the Church Office at 69 Main Street, or at the following link:

Dyke-Brown-Lange Memorial Scholarship 2019

Please return the Application to FPCU by April 15.

For further information contact the following scholarship trustees:

  • Jerry Kraus (607) 351-6795
  • Jerry Van Orden (607) 387-6546
  • Bill Kappel (607) 387-5285