Egg Sunday

What is “Egg Sunday” all about? Peter and Joel DeCloux, the owners of Westwind Farms and members of our church, offer fellow church members natural brown eggs from their “Happy Hens”. There are several notable differences in these hens from those that produce eggs you typically find in your grocer’s aisle:

  • The hens live in barns without cages
  • They have free access to feed and water at all times
  • The feed is produced on the farm and uses all natural ingredients, most of which are purchased in Central New York
  • The hens do not receive antibiotics or drugs
  • The feed is 100% vegetable-based; no meat products

How does this help the church?
All proceeds from Egg Sunday go directly to the church to help support next year’s budget. The DeCloux’s have been making this contribution since 1997.

How to get involved?
It’s simple: sign up in the Chapel! The prices below are for delivery once a month, November through October. Eggs are delivered to the Chapel for pickup after church. All are welcome, so sign up today! Mid-year sign-ups are welcome, and will be pro-rated.

  • 1 dozen / month            $36
  • 2 dozen / month            $66
  • 3 dozen / month            $99
  • 4 dozen / month            $120