2 Cents a Meal

What is “2 Cents a Meal” all about? This program, sponsored by the Presbytery of Geneva, provides “Second Mile” giving to fund local and international hunger-related projects.

Your contribution is disbursed as follows…

  • 50% funds international projects approved by the Presbyterian Hunger Program.
  • 45% is used within the Presbytery of Geneva to start or expand local projects, such as food pantries, Meals on Wheels, and other hunger-related programs.
  • 5% remains with the Presbytery of Geneva Hunger Committee for training, publicity, materials, resources, and interpretation of the 2-Cents-A-Meal plan.

Please remember to place your contributions into a special container at each meal, a small sacrifice that can do so much to help our neighbors help themselves. This offering is collected the first Sunday of every month, in specially designated baskets during the offering.

For more information, contact the Presbytery of Geneva at (315) 536-7753.