Some think that Sunday School is just for kids. We have traditional Sunday School for children in a separate space during the service and we provide a nursery for toddlers. There is considerable energy and excitement around our adult studies curriculum. We are a church that offers an opportunity for adults to speak their mind on important matters of the day. 

Each Sunday after church, a number of us stay to discuss current events of the day. The Wired Word curriculum suggests topics and provides readings, including scripture, to supplement the topic. Discussions are usually led by a lay leader – not the pastor. Conversations can be quite lively! Participants come from different backgrounds with different points of view, ranging from conservative to liberal on the political spectrum; rarely is there a consensus of opinion. We work hard to hold civil conversations and to listen to others with whom we might disagree. All are welcome to join in the conversation. We learn from each other through careful listening. Here are some examples of topics that we have recently discussed. 

  • Should Students be Taught about Moral Shortcomings Revealed in Their Country’s Own History?  
  • Many American Young People Say What Matters to Them Doesn’t Seem to Matter to the Church
  • How to Handle the Rising Rage Epidemic
  • ‘Nice’ Is Not a Biblical Word; ‘Kindness’ Is
  • Chronic Pain Creates Challenges for People of Faith
  • Does the Use of Masculine Language Distort the Meaning of Scripture?
  • Juneteenth Established as Federal Holiday
  • Recent Surveys Reveal Shifting Worldviews About God and Religion
  • Israel-Gaza Conflict: No End in Sight
  • As Social Distancing Ends, Will Personality Type Affect How We Re-engage?
  • I Was in Prison and You Visited Me