As Presbyterians, we ascribe to the Protestant idea of the priesthood of all believers; all are called to deliver God’s message of love to the world. We see this belief in action as members use their varying gifts to contribute to the worship service and other church activities, to form caring relationships with fellow congregants, and to be servant leaders throughout the world.

How We Are Organized

The SessionAs prescribed for churches within the Presbyterian Church (U.S.A.) our governing Session consists of “ruling elders” elected by the congregation. We presently authorize six to nine persons, who serve for three-year terms. The pastor is always the Moderator and a Clerk of Session is elected to serve as secretary for the Session and for congregational meetings.

Church CommitteesOur multiple committees on ministry support the pastor, congregation, and church within the three umbrellas of Outreach, Program, and Support. Each committee has a member of the session, a chairperson, and any number of interested congregants.

Caring and Benevolence – provides opportunities to support church missions and reach out to those in need locally, nationally, and worldwide.  We take care to stay connected to those who are ill, less able, or bereaved, by visiting, sending cards, and delivering meals.

Congregational Life – offers ways for all members and friends of the FPCU to be actively involved in the life of the Church.  Coffee hours, shared suppers, special parties, and events with our nursery school families help us to know each other better.

Music and Worship – This dedicated group supports the pastor and the music director for weekly worship and music experiences. It prepares communion, tidies up the Sanctuary, and oversees greeters and nursery to keep things flowing smoothly.

Christian Discipleship – is responsible for creating educational opportunities for any person, with appropriate personnel and facilities for such instruction.  Kids leave the sanctuary for their own class prior to the sermon.

Budget and Finance – works closely with the treasurer and pledge secretary to oversee and report on the responsible collection, expenditure, and records of all monies entrusted to the church.

Buildings and Properties – manages the care of our facilities, including the Sanctuary, the Fellowship Hall, and the grounds. Our volunteers take responsibility for interior maintenance when possible, and for outdoor mowing, planting, snow-shoveling, and clean-up in every season to keep our piece of Main Street looking good.

Personnel – helps the Session and the Congregation to support and evaluate the performance of all persons employed by the church.

Ulysses Presbyterian Women – Not a committee, but a separate active group of ministry is our Ulysses Presbyterian Women (UPW), who raise money for benevolence and build fellowship for women of all ages.  They sponsor rummage sales, offer informative programs, organize monthly lunches, and assist with receptions and other events.