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Preparing for October 22

22 October, Pentecost 20

10-22-2017 Go Look

Story: 1 Samuel 16:1-13 (p. 57, Pew Bible)

Psalm 51:10-14 (p. 510, Pew Bible)

Message: The Alternative Way of Love

Focus: Go Look

Reflection: Read this week’s scripture. Samuel is now the older wiser one, yet still he cannot see what God sees. Looking only at the visible he would have gone with the tall, the handsome, the brave. He would have overlooked the youngest boy, David. Thank God that first impressions are not the only impressions; God does not rely on the visible. God knows the heart is what matters. Name in your heart the hidden things that God knows.

Hymns We Will Sing:

*HYMN #401                      “Here In This Place”                       (GATHER US IN)

*HYMN #695                            “Change My Heart, O God”       (CHANGE MY HEART)

*HYMN #835                            “Just a Closer Walk with Thee”           (CLOSER WALK)

Preparing for October 15

October 15, 2017

The Bible cautions us about turning things into idols – putting our faith in objects or people and elevating them to the status of God. While it’s easy to recognize a golden calf that someone else has built, it’s harder to see our own tendency to create idols. In what or whom do you put your faith? Where do you draw the line between showing something respect and making it into an idol?




Scripture: Exodus 32:1 – 8, 14; Daniel 3:1- 7

Sermon: Idol Threats

Focus: Idolatry in our Midst

Reflection: For what is idolatry if not this: to worship the gifts instead of the Giver – John Calvin (1509-1564).


Hymns We Will Sing:

*HYMN #32 “I Sing the Mighty Power of God”

*HYMN #291 “Spirit, Spirit of Gentleness”

*HYMN #12   “Immortal, Invisible, God Only Wise”

Preparing for October 8

8 October, Pentecost 18

10-8-2017 Bread of Heaven

Story: Exodus 16:1-8 (p. 62, Pew Bible)

Message: Bread of Heaven

Focus: Go Share

Reflection: Read this week’s scripture. The Israelites are complaining bitterly and harking back to the “good old days” of slavery. God still blesses them; feeds them; protects them; cares for them and leads them. Thank God for both the past and the present; remembering the “good old days” with honesty, acknowledging the good and the bad and the sweet blessings you have received even in the wilderness times.

Hymns We Will Sing:

*HYMN #65           “Guide Me, O Thou Great Jehovah”                (CWM RHONDDA)

*HYMN #523                    “You Satisfy the Hungry Heart”                     (BICENTENNIAL)

*HYMN #762                  “When the Poor Ones”                                          (EL CAMINO)