July 14, 2019 – FPCU Hosts the TAC Lake Service

We’ll Worship at the Lake on July 14  as FPCU Hosts the TAC Lake Service  On Sunday, July 14, the congregation of FPCU will not worship in town but instead will worship with our friends from the Trumansburg Area Churches at 8 a.m. at the North Point of Taughannock Falls State Park on Lake Cayuga as […]Continue reading

Preparing for June 4, 2017 Pentecost Worship

  Communion Is Served Today Story: Acts 2:1-4 & Galatians 4:1-7      (p. 994 and 1063, Pew Bible) Sermon: “Empowered Truth-Sayers” Focus: Spirit Reflection: The Family Continued The Holy Spirit descends and suddenly the world is changed forever. The influence of the Spirit meant that the apostles became bold and strong and were able to speak […]Continue reading