Who We Are

First Presbyterian Church of Ulysses (FPCU) is located in the beautiful Finger Lakes region of Upstate New York near Taughannock Falls (Tah-gan´-ick) State Park in the Village of Trumansburg, New York. Since 1803, members and friends have made us a church. Sunday worship services blend traditional and contemporary elements, featuring music by our choir and musicians, with occasional special music and handbell choir selections. We value being out-of-doors whenever possible to absorb the natural beauty surrounding us here. We invite you to visit and join us!

Our mission is to live out our faith as modeled by the life of Jesus Christ, inspiring others in their faith journey. We believe that our ability to do this comes through engagement with scripture, prayer, literature, art, nature, active listening, and learning from others with varied backgrounds and beliefs.

Church service lakeside
Lakeside church service, at Taughannock State Park

Our Vision Statement  

We believe we are created in the image of God and given the gifts of scripture and inspiration to guide us in our journey through life. We strive to be good stewards of the earth and of its blessings. In accordance with scripture, we actively seek relationships with other human beings and embrace those different from ourselves. We emulate the life of Jesus which shows courage, love, and compassion to others, even those whom society considers outcasts. We seek to create an environment where all people feel welcome and eager to participate in the life of our congregation. As we celebrate our blessings through music, prayer, study, stewardship, and living our lives as Jesus taught, we want to be a beacon of light in our community, sharing with others how God continues to work in our lives. 

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