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Many people in our area find a spiritual home in the worshiping and serving community of faith known as First Presbyterian Church of Ulysses. Each successive page you enter on this site is like another room where you will find us at worship and prayer, in study and fellowship, serving and reaching out with the love of Christ. Each link here takes you into the neighborhood of the wider church where we network with Christian partners in mission and service.

Still, at the heart of who we are is our local church home, located since 1803 in Trumansburg, in the beautiful Finger Lakes region of upstate New York and the home of Taughannock Falls (pronounced Tah-gan’-nick). You will find our two historic buildings on the village’s Main Street. The large brick church building is home to our newly restored sanctuary, where our 10:30 a. m. Sunday worship service is a blend of traditional and contemporary elements, and where we are very “child friendly”! Our music program includes a talented choir, an intergenerational hand bell choir, and, often, various other instrumentalists. Joe Pepper directs our music program and masterfully plays our magnificent Cassavant Pipe Organ.

Next door is our Chapel building, home of our fellowship hall, classrooms, offices, and, on weekday mornings, the Trumansburg Community Nursery School.  The Chapel also provides a welcome to various neighborhood groups, including children’s play groups, AA, and community activities.

Please come visit, and stay!

Who We Are and Want to Be

We are:
An active Presbyterian Church dedicated to belief in the Holy Spirit, God the Creator, and Jesus Christ as Lord and Savior. We celebrate the Lord’s presence in music, word, and deed. We participate in mission efforts within and beyond our church walls and offer companionship to those in need.

We want to be and become:
A warm congregation, welcoming and alive, vibrant with music and the Word, reaching out to share God’s love, visible in our community, attracting new disciples of all ages, nurturing and inspiring individuals and families at every stage of their Christian spiritual journey.

Other things important to us are:

Forgiveness; Lay leadership; Christian education; Sharing the peace of Christ; Commitment to volunteer service; Acceptance, compassion and respect for others; Learning from each other through inter-generational fellowship; Nurturing our youth to be active, Christian disciples; Ministering and receiving ministry; Active engagement in the life of the church; Being good stewards of our blessings and Being open to change, with respect for our traditions and history

(The Mission of the First Presbyterian Church of Ulysses – adopted May 2008)

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