October 28, 2018

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We hope you will join us for worship each week. Here is some information that you might like to have about this week’s worship service.

Solomon's Wisdom - Oct. 28, 2018

Scripture: 1 Kings 3:4-9, (10-15), 16-28 (pp. 302-303, Pew Bible) and Matthew 6:9-10 (pp. 883-884, Pew Bible)

Message: “Solomon’s Wisdom”

Theme: The Demands of Justice

Hymns We Will Sing:

  • *HYMN #409  “God Is Here!”   (ABBOT’S LEIGH)
  • *HYMN #307 “God of Grace and God of Glory” (CWM RHONDDA)
  • *HYMN #326  “For All the Saints”  (SINE NOMINE)

 Prayer of the Day: Generous God, you gave your servant Solomon wisdom so that he might govern your people well. Grant us your wisdom, so that we might perform our life’s duties with gratitude and wisdom. Amen.


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