Preparing for February 4

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February 4, 2018

2-4-2018 Woman at the Well

Communion Served – Pews

Scripture:     John 4:1-42 (p. 971-2, Pew Bible)

Title:     “Models of Leadership and Discipleship”

Theme:  The Woman at the Well

Music We Will Sing:

          *HYMN #838                  “Standing on the Promises”                        (PROMISES)

          *HYMN #697                    “Take My Life”                                             (HENDON)

          *HYMN #509              “All Who Hunger, Gather Gladly”           (HOLY MANNA)

Prayer of the Day

God of life, Shower us in your living water, bringing us to new life, fresh and clean. Walk with us as we share the knowledge of your living water with others, so that all might live. Amen.

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