January 7, 2018, Reaffirmation of the Baptismal Covenant

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1-7-2017 Baptism of the Lord 

Communion Served – Intinction

Scripture:     John 1:35-51      (p. 969, Pew Bible)

Title:     “Jesus Says Come and See”

Theme:  Word of Witness

Music We Will Sing:

          *HYMN #726     “Will You Come and Follow Me”                (KELVINGROVE)

          *HYMN #727             “Will You Let Me Be Your Servant”   (THE SERVANT SONG)

          *HYMN #515              “I Come with Joy”                          (DOVE OF PEACE)


God of all people, You called many by name, asking them to follow Jesus and obey. Call us by name, and help us to follow and obey. Amen.



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