Preparing for November 5

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5 November, Pentecost 22

11-5-2017 Go Reclaim


Communion Is Today

Story: 1 Kings 19:1-18 (pp. 322-3, Pew Bible)

Message: “In the Noise and the Silence”

Focus: Go Reclaim

Reflection: Read this week’s scripture. What part of Elijah’s story inspires you? Elijah moves from despair to hope; from abject loneliness to God’s presence. Think of a time when you have felt close to God. Thank God for the times when you have been aware of holy presence; for times when in the storm, or in the noise, there has been a still, small voice calming and encouraging.

Hymns We Will Sing:

*HYMN #610                  “O for a Thousand Tongues to Sing”                    (AZMON)

*HYMN #326                             “For All the Saints”                                        (SINE NOMINE)

*HYMN #529                  “Draw Us in the Spirit’s Tether”                     (UNION SEMINARY)

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