Preparing for September 17

17 September, Pentecost 15

9-17-2017 Go Sacrifice

Story: Genesis 21:1-3; 22:1-14 (pp. 16, 17, Pew Bible)

Message: Whose Sacrifice?

Focus: Go Sacrifice

Reflection: Read this week’s scripture. Find an emotion that stands out for you; is it Sara’s laughter? Isaac’s fear? Abraham’s obedience? Would you have felt different? Thank God that we are able to express and show our feelings in the emotion we are blessed by. Remember a time when you felt extreme emotion and hand it to God.

Hymns We Will Sing:

*HYMN #69                 “I, the Lord of Sea and Sky”                                      (HERE I AM)

*HYMN #802                    “The King of Love My Shepherd Is”                (ST. COLUMBA)

*HYMN #765                  “May the God of Hope Go with US”                     (ARGENTINA)

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