July 9, 2017 Worship Preparation

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For July 9, 2017 

Story: Psalm 150             (p. 572, Pew Bible)

Sermon: “A Heavenly Musical Tumult”

Focus: Music


Praise is found in the doing and being. That too is a significant truth in this psalm. It is not one that offers direction or a particular style of praise, or even the words to use. It commands the people to give of themselves and to be in praise to God. In many ways traditional singing where there is no music such as in Africa, illustrates this point: you sing the line you can, making it up as you go, but it all seems to fit. Everyone is part of it singing your own harmony, unrehearsed, straight from the soul and it makes a joyful, holy, sacred, wonderful noise. Use instruments, if necessary, but be in praise with the creator.

Hymns We Will Sing:

*HYMN #840      “When Peace Like a River”                 (VILLE DU HAVRE)

*HYMN #726       “Come and Follow Me”                           (KELVINGROVE)

*HYMN #384        “Soon and Very Soon”                      (SOON AND VERY SOON)

7-9-2017 Musical Tumult


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