For June 18, 2017 Worship

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This info is for our study of the Psalms but may change as Pastor Cheryl is on vacation and we will be welcoming the Rev. John Kotun to our pulpit today.

Story: Psalm 13     (p. 484-5, Pew Bible)

Sermon: How Long?

Focus: A Prayer for the People

Reflection: Psalm 13 provides a model for prayer. It is open and honest, it lays down fears and worries, confessing them to God, and does so in hope and faith. It is a song for all ages and all situations, admitting the frailty of our own personhood and acknowledging the salvation provided by God.

 Hymns We Will Sing:

*HYMN #14                   “For the Beauty of the Earth”                                 (DIX)

*HYMN #649                  “Amazing Grace, How Sweet the Sound”       (AMAZING GRACE)

*HYMN #353                       “My Hope Is Built on Nothing Less”                   (SOLID ROCK)

6-18-2017 How Long

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