June 11, 2017 Worship Preparation

For June 11, 2017                                            

 Story: Psalm 100   (p. 541, Pew Bible)

Sermon: “Joyful Celebration”

Focus: Joy

Reflection: We will be looking at the Psalms in the coming weeks. For a bit of general interest background on the Psalms, you might want to visit the short film with Bono (of the band U2) and Eugene Peterson (author of The Message Bible) talking about their friendship which has revolved around a common passion for the Psalms. It is readily available online at https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=-l40S5e90KY.

 Hymns We Will Sing:

*HYMN #388                                      “Come All You People”                    (UYAI MOSE)

*HYMN #35                   “Praise Ye the Lord, the Almighty”       (LOBE DEN HERREN)

*HYMN #134                                 “Joy to the World”                                     (ANTIOCH)

 6-11-2017 Smiley Emoji

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