Preparing for June 4, 2017 Pentecost Worship


Communion Is Served Today

Story: Acts 2:1-4 & Galatians 4:1-7      (p. 994 and 1063, Pew Bible)

6-4-2017 Empowered Truth-Sayers - Pentecost

Sermon: “Empowered Truth-Sayers”

Focus: Spirit

Reflection: The Family Continued

The Holy Spirit descends and suddenly the world is changed forever. The influence of the Spirit meant that the apostles became bold and strong and were able to speak with clarity communicating God’s love to all. This is our gift too. We have the gift of the Spirit in our lives, encouraging and empowering. As you prepare for worship today, invite the Spirit to fill you, inspire you and move you to share God’s love and grace with those you meet.

Hymns We Will Sing:

*HYMN #286  “Breathe on Me, Breath of God”                      (TRENTHAM)

*HYMN #291   “Spirit, Spirit of Gentleness”                                   (SPIRIT)

*HYMN #469   “Lord, Listen to Your Children Praying”   (LIVING GOD)

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