Preparing for May 7

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May 7, 2017

Communion Is Served Today

Story: Acts 8:26-39                   (p. 1002, Pew Bible)

Sermon: “What Can Prevent Me From Being Baptized?”

Focus: Baptism

Reflection: Foreigners; Strangers; Seekers.

The encounter between Philip and the Ethiopian is the story of outreach. The story of how for God there are no barriers; no outcasts; no strangers. For us in our church, in our community this is often a challenge and can test us to the limits. Can we, like Philip, be bold enough to speak to the stranger in our midst; can we welcome, affirm and share God’s love with those we meet, thus enabling them to experience the joy and fellowship of Christ? As you prepare for worship, reflect on how you can be a friend and welcome all into your community.


5-7-2017 Baptism of the Eunuch

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