Preparing for Palm Sunday April 9

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Palm Sunday     

Selections from Luke 19-23        (p. 959-65, Pew Bible)

“Palm/Passion Sunday Lessons and Hymns Service”

 Sermon: “Proclamation of the Passion Story”

 Focus: The Story of Holy Week



Reflection: We have made it! Palm Sunday is here and it heralds the start of Holy Week. We hear again how the people gathered and cheered; how the Pharisees wanted the people silenced and Jesus declared “if these were silent, the stones would shout!”

Jesus also wept over Jerusalem, acknowledging that all too soon everything would change, everything would be destroyed. The crowds were carried along by the euphoria of each other, the excitement of arriving in the city; carried along, without truly

understanding what they were witnessing. As we begin Holy Week, today reflect on what you would do, how you would react, what God is calling you to do. What does it mean to follow Jesus into Jerusalem?

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