Preparing for Christmas Eve and Christmas Day

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Sat. Dec. 24    Christmas Eve Lessons and Carols Service

Reflection: The Nativity – Jesus Is Born This Night As worshippers gather, the murmur of excited voices is louder than normal; there is a buzz; an air of anticipation. This is the night! This is it: the moment we have waited for, prepared for. Tonight, in David’s City, a new King will be born: a King for all God’s People. As you wait for the service to begin this night, pause awhile; remember all the nights you have waited for something great to happen. All the times you have gathered with others, maybe in this place, maybe another. Remember all those past Christmases, when the music and the words, so familiar now, were newer, remember again, that this child was born for all people: a sign of hope in an often hopeless world. Remember, and give thanks.



Dec. 25       Christmas Day


Story:    Luke 2:8-20


Title:     Shepherds Visit




Refection:  Shepherds – What Can We Bring? In the excitement of Christmas morning take time to thank God. As we listen again to the Shepherds’ tale, take heart: it was ordinary hard working folks who were the first to receive the news. Reflect on the gifts God has given you, and take a moment in all the joyous revelry to offer back to God what you too may give this day: your love, your worship, your hopes for the future.

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