Preparing for 12-18

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Dec. 18      Advent 4

Story:     Luke 1:26-56

Title:     The Magnificat


Reflection:   Mary: A Song In Our Heart

Word Becomes Flesh. The Nativity is almost upon us; today we hear again Mary’s story. As you prepare for worship today imagine a young woman you know; in your family or in your church, dedicated to God, quiet, composed, an integral part of your life, who suddenly declares that she is pregnant with God’s child. How would you feel? How outraged, how stunned, how incredulous, how angry at what must at first appear to be outright blasphemy? Reflect on Mary’s courage in accepting the angel’s mission; taking on all that it would mean: scandal, anger, rejection, and denunciation, not only for her, but for her family too if they chose to support her.


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