Nov. 13 Pentecost 26

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Nov. 13 Pentecost 26 – God Calls Isaiah

Story: Luke 5:8-10; Isaiah 6:1-8

Title: Prophetic Promise

Image: Send Me

Here I Am Lord 11-13-2016

Reflection: Isaiah’s vision of heaven was his call to action. He felt both awed and unworthy in equal measure. How could he be chosen to answer God’s call? We are all called to something; for some it may be public ministry, but for the vast majority of us it is other things like hospitality; friendship; listening; caring; sharing. In many areas of life God is asking “Whom shall I send?” Can we, can you answer “Here I am, send me”? Reflect on the things God calls you to do, and name the things you can do for others and for God.

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