Oct. 30 Pentecost 24

Oct. 30 Pentecost 24 – God’s Care for the Widow

Story: Luke 4:24-26; 1 Kings 17:1-16(17-24)

Title: Promise of Provision


Provisions 10-30-2016


Reflection: Elijah was a man of God, he wandered the desert at God’s behest, trusting that God’s promise to provide for him would be fulfilled. The widow of Zarephath felt she had nothing left;  she was ready to die, but God sent Elijah to her home and her willingness to share what little she had was enough. Reflect on times when you have felt you were wandering in the wilderness;  reliant on God’s providing. Many of us have experienced the kindness of strangers, willing to help us in times of trouble. Have you had this experience? Reflect on it.

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