Sept. 11 Pentecost 17 – Creation and Fall

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  September 11-October 9 

“Promises, Promises: God’s Promising Beginning”

Sept. 11 Pentecost 17 – Creation and Fall

Story: Luke 11:4; Genesis 2:4b-7, 15-17; 3:1-8

Title: Fallen Promise

Image: Twin Towers Memorial

Twin Towers Site - 9-11-2016

Reflection: God says: eat freely! Enjoy everything! But please, keep away from those two trees; they will do you no good. And yet, the first man and woman gave in to the wiles of the snake. Reflect on the ways in which you give in to things which you know will do you no good, yet look, feel or taste attractive. As soon as we give in we see these things for what they really are. Name them in your heart today.



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