Reflections for May 3, 2015

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John 15:1–8

Last week, Jesus used the image of the shepherd to teach us about God’s love. This week he explains that God is like an expert gardener. This image was well understood by the people who lived in Jesus’ agrarian times. Today, we can still identify with this imagery’s meaning in our lives. We might already know that if we don’t stay connected to the source of life we will not flourish. We will not bear fruit. That connection, to the source of life and community, is vital to our Christian faith. When we forget, how do we become reconnected?


This week, plant something new in your garden or on a windowsill and watch it grow. If you don’t have a “green thumb,” get a head start by planting something that’s already flowering or producing fruit, such as a basil plant or flowering bush.

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