Reflections for March 1, 2015

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Genesis 17:1–7, 15–16

In this week’s focus scripture, God makes a covenant with Abram and promises he will be fruitful – he and his wife Sarai will be the parents of nations to come. God changes their names to Abraham and Sarah to signify the change of course in their lives. God identifies Godself as “God Almighty.” Almighty can mean both mountains and breasts in Hebrew, emphasizing the connection between God’s people and God’s creation.


This week, identify a personal practice that you might take on throughout the week, or throughout the remainder of Lent that reflects our connection to all of God’s creation. For example: use canvas bags when shopping instead of plastic ones, save your fruit and vegetable scraps in the freezer and give them to a composting program, before you put an item in the trash consider whether you can recycle it, reuse it for another purpose, or even repair it if it’s broken.

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