Reflections for February 22, 2015

Mark 1:9–15

For 40 days, Satan temps Jesus in the wilderness. The scriptures tell us Jesus was there with the wild animals and that the angels waited on him. The image of animals with Jesus sends a clear message about our connection to all God’s creation. God desires peace among God’s creation and an end to violence and cruelty against nature. No matter what our negative associations with “wilderness” are, we know that God is there, God’s creation is connected. We do not journey alone through Lent.


This week, reflect on the moments when you’ve been in the “wilderness” of life – a physical, emotional, or spiritual wilderness. Think about who and what was with you at that time. Recall how your connections with God, creation, and others came to your aid. Carry these moments with you as you begin your Lenten journey.

Seasons of the SpiritTM Wood Lake Publishing.

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