Reflections for February 15, 2015

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Mark 9:2–9

Before facing the political and religious empires that want to dispose of him, Jesus, with his key disciples, withdraws to a mountaintop. There, they are inspired and encouraged by God and two of God’s powerful leaders of old, Moses and Elijah. Likewise, our energy to continue the fight to build justice, peace, and mercy into the existing (or emerging) systems of power in our life surroundings and the world can be nourished in moments with God and/or with other women and men of faith. Thanks to God for that!


This week re-evaluate, once more, the setting, resources, allies, and opportunities you find at hand that could or do serve God and the needs of suffering humanity. What do you need on the mountaintop – from God or from others – to sustain you in your struggle against empire?


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