Reflections for December 21, 2014

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Luke 1:26–38, Luke 1:46b–55

God’s plans are revealed to Mary; she’s carrying the very one who will continue the work of liberation in the lives of the poor, the marginalized – and really, in the lives of all people. While acutely aware of the possibility of persecution herself, Mary turns toward God in faith and follows the path before her, proclaiming her devotion to God, God’s opposition to empire, and the “great reversal” to come.


This week consider what steps you might take to oppose the force of empire that works injustice on those Jesus called “the little ones,” as well as injustice on the natural world. How might you express and/or explain what you are doing so others can be touched and moved to discover God’s ways and plans – and participate?


Seasons of the SpiritTM Wood Lake Publishing.

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