Reflections for December 14, 2014

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John 1:6–8, 19–28

John the baptizer, like the prophets of the Hebrew Scriptures, proclaims a time when the upside-down reign of God will be present; when the poor, vulnerable, and oppressed will have their dignity restored and their needs taken seriously. Understandably, this made the comfortable and significantly “compromised” religious leaders of Jesus’ time, who also had heard of God’s plan, anxious. John’s puzzling words – as well as his very being – kept them on their toes.


This week, as well as your general readiness in this third week of Advent to celebrate a truly sacred Christmas, take some time to conduct an examination of your priorities (use of time, wealth, abilities, influence over others) and your expectations of yourself as a person of faith. Examine, also, your readiness for sharing and serving, empowering others, advocating, and the other aspects of living that contribute to more peace and justice in your community and world.



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