Reflections for November 16, 2014

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Matthew 25:14–30

In this week’s focus scripture, Jesus sends a message about being ready for the coming of God’s realm. The sense of urgency is represented in the three slaves who have been given money from their master, a wealthy landlord, and await his return. In the meantime, the three slaves make choices about how they will invest their master’s money. Our faith lives are a series of choices. If we choose to be complacent and content, we might fall into behaviours and patterns that don’t put God or the children of God first. Our choices should reflect God’s justice and compassion.


This week, start each day by naming one choice you will make to reflect God’s love in the world saying, “I will choose _______________ for God.” (Examples: “I will be patient with the co-worker who is annoying me” or “I will give lunch to the homeless man outside my office.”)


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