Reflections for October 19, 2014


Exodus 33:12–23     

In this week’s focus scripture, we are privy to a conversation between God and Moses. Reminiscent of last week’s struggle of the Hebrew people with an idea or presence of God vs. a tangible, physical god, Moses also asks for proof of God’s presence – to see what God looks like. God does not reveal a face, but as the glory of God passes by, God protects Moses in the cleft of a rock and says, “then I will take away my hand, and you shall see my back.” As shown in Moses’ encounter with God, God is behind us, protecting us. We continue to live in the mystery of God, and experience God in the heartbeat of life.


This week, at the end of each day, make a list of the ways you felt God’s presence in your life.

Seasons of the SpiritTM Wood Lake Publishing.

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