Reflections for September 21, 2014

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Exodus 16:2–15

God answers the people of Israel’s complaint about being hungry by providing manna – bread-like flakes the people collected from the ground each morning. Besides serving as food, manna was also a teaching tool from God. God instructed the people of Israel to take only what they needed so everyone would have enough. By resting on the Sabbath, God also encouraged the people to enjoy their relationship with the One who was setting them free. What lessons can you continue to learn in this story about manna?

This week, plan to take a hike together. Take some water and a snack of cereal flakes. Let yourselves miss or delay a meal so that you feel hungry. Then, in the wilderness of grass and trees or cars and buildings, have a meal of “modern manna.” Carry this thought with you: “God always keeps God’s promises.”

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