Reflections for August 3, 2014

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Genesis 32:22–31

This week, we read the story of Jacob wrestling with God. We have all struggled with personal dilemmas and decisions – and sometimes we struggle to see God in the midst of these times. These periods in our lives might actually take a physical toll – much like the sport of wrestling. But in this week’s story, Jacob does not give up. You might find (or know from experience) that it’s in these times that our efforts toward resolution can bring us closer to God and help us understand God’s call in our lives.


This week,  reflect on the issues with which you are wrestling. What troubling relationship or decision is gnawing at you? Spend at least 15 minutes each day praying about this struggle. Tell a friend or mentor about your goal of daily prayer (if not about the specific issue) and ask them to hold you accountable.

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