Reflections for February 9, 2014

Matthew 5:13–20

Read Matthew 5:13–20 in an age appropriate Bible or story Bible. 

In today’s focus scripture Jesus says that the disciples are salt and light in the world. These symbols of life (salt – preserving and even seasoning life; light – nurturing and sustaining life) are meant to call us to remember the importance of God’s covenant with God’s people. God wants us to remember God’s law as it will preserve our community (like salt), and God wants us to show the message of God’s love to the world (like light). The use of two familiar substances that we encounter daily reminds us of our role
as Jesus’ disciples in today’s world. 

Something to think about, talk about, or do:

This week think of someone who you would characterize as being salt and light to the world. What one thing might you do this week
to emulate her or him?

Seasons of the Spirit

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