Reflections for January 19, 2014

Isaiah 49:1–7

The prophet speaks a message of hope to a community in exile. Being separated from all that they know, the people of Judah are defeated and depressed. They are waiting for better tomorrows. The prophet shares God’s message of reassurance and affirmation that not only will their lives be restored – they will be a “light to all nations.” Given their current situation, that seems pretty unbelievable, but God’s vision for the people of Judah is more than they can see and understand on their own. God continues to work in these ways in our lives today.

This week think of someone who needs a message of encouragement or reassurance. Send them a handwritten note or give them a call on the phone. Make personal contact and let her/him know that she/he is being remembered.

Seasons of the Spirit, Wood Lake Publishing

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