Reflections for January 12, 2014

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Matthew 3:13–17

In this focus scripture, Jesus is baptized by John the baptizer, not the other way around as scripture tells us John would prefer. Jesus’ ministry begins by turning our ideas about him and how God works upside down. God calls us to a deeper relationship with God, a deeper understanding of God, in our baptism. We are called beyond the things we know and understand in the world around us. We are called to imagine how God wants the world to be – how God sees the world. In our own baptism we bathe in waters of Kin-dom understanding and truths.

This week play in some water; visit a river, lake, or other body of water; or touch wet fingertips to your forehead in the shower and think about to what God has called you through baptism.

Seasons of the Spirit, Wood Lake Publishing

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