Reflections for December 29, 2013 and January 5, 2014

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Stories for this Season of Christmas

December 29
Psalm 148
Read Psalm 148 in an age appropriate Bible or story Bible.

In the days after Christmas – when much of the commercial hype related to the season has passed – we can exhale a “We made it” sigh. What we’ve been waiting and preparing for – both the spiritual and the practical – has arrived. As we enjoy the respite from some of the hustle and bustle of the past four weeks, the focus scripture summons us to praise. We are reminded of the greatness of God’s creation. And no matter how overwhelmed we may have felt with Christmas details, God is bigger than all of that. And now in the Season of Christmas we can celebrate God’s great gift to the world – God’s son. This week Christmas might  be “over” in the secular sense, but we’ve only just begun to celebrate!

Something to think about, talk about, or do: 

Do at least one thing each day to continue to celebrate the coming of Jesus into the world (e.g., share coffee/tea or a meal with friends, host a Christmas party, give a Christmas gift each day to someone who’s not expecting it).

January 5
Matthew 2:1–12
Read Matthew 2:1–12 in an age appropriate Bible or story Bible.

This week we fully realize the gift of God among us. God is revealed – a baby born in a stable. This child has visitors from afar bearing gifts! Their gifts were a symbol of adoration for the child – a symbol that continues to be part of our Christmas tradition today. The wise people in this scripture are seekers –
looking far and wide and following not only their own traditions and the
stars, but using the wisdom of Hebrew scripture as their guide. God’s
son was the purpose for their search and Jesus is at the heart of what
many of us are still seeking – a love that comforts and challenges us.

Something to think about, talk about, or do:

This week think about one way you are seeking or on a journey to find
deeper meaning or understanding about your faith. Ask your questions
of someone who might answer them or search for the answers yourself,
dedicate extra time to seeking for deeper meaning about what you believe,
or take on another spiritual practice that fulfills your “seeker” urge.

Seasons of the Spirit, Wood Lake Publishing

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