Reflections for Sunday, August 4 , 2013

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Luke 12:13–21

“One’s life isn’t determined by one’s possessions, even when someone is very wealthy.”

Jesus takes a question about inheritance as a lead-in to offering a parable about greed. In recent years of economic struggles for many people and nations, issues such as greed and wealth may be in the forefront of our minds. In that context we may hear Jesus’ teachings a little differently than at other times. The challenge through it all is to be “rich toward God” – to find and celebrate our value not in the enumeration of our “stuff” but in the celebration of trying to serve God and God’s people. How is greed a stumbling block for you?

Question to Ponder:

  • How is greed a stumbling block for you?

(Seasons of the Spirit™ Wood Lake Publishing)

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