Reflections for Sunday November 11, 2012

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[Jesus said] “they will be judged most harshly” ~ Mark 12:40b (Common English Bible)

Noticing the gifts from wealthy – and rather pompous – religious leaders compared to that of a poor, nameless widow, Jesus notes that the former will receive greater condemnation.

It sounds harsh; we generally don’t like to think of God meting out condemnation. Yet the reality is, condemnation is simply part of God’s justice, of God’s method of rendering the world a safe and fair place. If this justice is to balance economic inequality – an important message Jesus comes back to over again – then it stands to reason that those who withhold will be challenged to give more.

  • How do you measure and understand your own giving – not merely money given to charities, but your giving of self?

(Seasons of the Spirit™ Wood Lake Publishing)

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