These are our Ministry teams and those elders who are involved with each. Our ministry teams meet in the Chapel following our Faith in Action Dinner which begins on the Second Sunday of each month at 5:30 p.m. Please come and join in our ministries!

Program Ministry (Christian Discipleship, Worship)
Amy Dawson (Class of 2013)
Amy Erickson (Class of 2013)
Carolyn Lange (Class of 2014)
Marvin Pritts (Class of 2012)

Outreach Ministry (Caring and Benevolence, Congregational Life, Membership)
Bobbi Farrell (Class of 2012)
Kate Merriman (Class of 2013)
David Schneider (Class of 2013)
Samantha Zaharis (Class of 2014)

Support Ministry (Buildings and Grounds, Finance, Personnel, Stewardship)
Peter DeCloux (Class of 2014)
Gregg Hoffmire (Class of 2014)
Michael Maciel (Class of 2012)
Barbara Melvin (Class of 2012)

Kris Alling (Clerk)
Pastor Cheryl Peeples (Moderator)

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