Sunday Study Plans Oct. 2

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* The Thoughtful Christian – New Testament Studies – Discerning What God Is Doing: A Study of Acts (2nd session) by Matthew L. Skinner. We will examine how early Christians felt God was working in their lives and explore how our faith relates to the lives we live and the world we inhabit. The class’s facilitator for October 2 is Warren Hickman and the class meets in the Lange Room.

* Seven Deadly Sins: “Lust” – “Sex is prevalent in our culture and its public  expression is becoming more blatant over time. Despite this pervasiveness, it is a subject rarely broached in a Christian setting. Thousand-year-old mores regarding sexuality hardly pertain today, yet Christians ought to provide children, in particular, with clear, consistent messages regarding lust and chastity and the role of sexuality in today’s culture. As one of the “seven deadly sins,” we will explore Christian perspectives on lust and pleasure, chastity and marriage, living together before marriage, and other topics that often make us squirm. Come join us.” Marvin Pritts will be facilitating this class which will meet on the stage.

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