Adult Sunday Studies for September 18th

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Bible 101

Public Schools: In Need of Reform?

* Bible 101 (1 session) by John A. Cairns.  (Please bring a Bible, any version)  The Bible is the sourcebook of our Christian faith.  This introduction to Bible interpretation will aid us in understanding the message of the scriptures.  “The Thoughtful Christian” A New Testament Study class is facilitated by Pam Postle and meets in the Lange Room  

*Public Schools: In Need of Reform? (1 Session)  Many people today are concerned with the public school system in the US and are raising questions about its effectiveness, focus, and how it is preparing our children.  This study examines the roots of public education in America and how its history has shaped the current state of public schools. In particular, this study shows that this history has been based on two central narratives: education grounded in the common good and education based on the American dream.  Participants will also consider how the present debate about education reform could influence the future focus of public schools, and whether there is room – anywhere – for religious education and expressions of faith.  This study is facilitated by Marvin Pritts and will meet on the Stage.

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